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Confinement assault belly punch Lynch 7
Confinement assault belly punch Lynch 7


sell year 2014/ 03/ 21
data 43分min
Genre Battle
> Belly Punching
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.18

Confinement assault belly punch Lynch 7

price 3,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

The fist of a man hammered in into the stomach of a weak woman without mercy and a weapon!
Men of the mask of two assuming that I kidnap a woman and imprison it and bully it by violence thoroughly and violate it the greatest joy … . A one uniform girl hangs to the poisonous fang today! The uniform girl who woke in a dark room. Mask men to attack there! The clothes of the beautiful woman are stripped off though I struggle to escape desperately, and the fist of men caves in at the soft stomach! Is confused for the storm of the assault that befell you suddenly; the beautiful woman who is merely. The infinity hell where I am woken up by force while a stomach being hit, and even the breathing doing not always go as we want, and expressing sobbing about a pain and pains even if I swoon, and is hammered in a fist into again … ! Furthermore, the act of violence escalates with a bamboo sword, a chain … ! And the meat stick of the man to the mouth of the beautiful woman by force … ! While I am unclothed to panties at last, and the body is infringed upon, I can continue the stomach punch! The consciousness of the uniform girl fades for the tyranny of men; before long … !
I lynch stomach bread to a weak woman and you! The reckless driving of brutal person men does not stop!
Brutal person men bullying the stomach of the uniform girl to resist! The abdominal muscle which I was congested, and was destroyed! A heavy fist cuts into a stomach! A bamboo sword, many tyranny using the chain! Even if swoon, is not over; while violating it; an act of violence of the internal organs destruction!
Brutal person men keeping working as a beautiful woman to tighten a pinion, and hitting a stomach. I add the weapons such as a bamboo sword or the chain without being satisfied only by a punch and continue hitting you so that the color of the stomach of the beautiful woman turns into purplish red! Still men not to be satisfied with. I throw a meat stick in in a mouth and vagina while continuing hitting you!


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