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Ikasekko Battle Daiject DVD Vol.12
Ikasekko Battle Daiject DVD Vol.12


sell year 2006/ 06/ 30
maker BATTLE
data 98min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Catfight
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.4

Ikasekko Battle Daiject DVD Vol.12

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Coming the DVD that the legend of women fight!! The fight and excite for the history of catfight come again!!

Ikasseko Battle No.23
This times Ikasekko battle will be two beauties in costume play confrontation. Both beuties wrapped their glmarous body in sexy costume and fights violently !Confrontation between Ayana in policewoman costume,and Yuuna in waitress costume starts with attacks mutual sexual organs! Both wrapped their body in sexy costume develop the match which fought a close fight most in these series.Submission armbarring and love touch techniques various offense and defense of both who risked a woman's temper show the fight which attacks each other until just before a conclusion sticks and which became.(53min)

Ikasseko Battle No.24
Tsukasa,whose studying the method of how to make the girl cum, and Ayana the lesbian who liked girls better than a man develops an erotic costume play battle! Hyper active high tension girl,Tsukasa does costume play in her private life for hobby.She fight against the lesbian technician Ayana! Which woman raises the scream of defeat at the the last!?Tsukasa or Ayana?(44min)


Ayana Kakimoto (student)
T159 B85 W57 H86
Yuna Aikawa (part time job)
T153 B80 W58 H83
Tukasa Ito (student)
T158 B83 W57 H88

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