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Ikasekko Battle Daiject DVD Vol.10
Ikasekko Battle Daiject DVD Vol.10


sell year 2006/ 06/ 23
maker BATTLE
data 108min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Catfight
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.4

Ikasekko Battle Daiject DVD Vol.10

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Coming the DVD that the legend of women fight!! The fight and excite for the history of catfight come again!!

Ikasseko Battle No.19
The cute big tits girl Kumi and super-highness tension girl Siho makes high voltage super erotic battle!! It is started from erotic technical contest which blames each others tits and crotch, and a game is turns to grapple cat fight ! Physical strength is exhausted by the attack which does not allow compromise with Siho and Kumi.Although it develops into the erotic battle soon, the mutual attack here is also sublime! This two Vixens shows us standing erotic battle until either cums to heaven!!(53min)

Ikasseko Battle No.20
Baby faced titty angel yuka fights and sexy slim lady Erika fights violently in super erotic battle!!The match of Erika with a wonderful Sex technique, and Yuuka to which confidence is in a quarrel!Does Yuka violently agonized by attack of Sister Erika stand to the last sure enough!?(55min)


Shiho Uemura (student)
T160 B87 W58 H88
Kumi Umeda (student)
T155 B86 W62 H88
Yuuka Nakamura (student)
T159 B90 W58 H85
Erika Andou (saleswoman)
T159 B85 W58 H86

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