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Women wrestler Subjugation Pilgrimage Vol.7
Women wrestler Subjugation Pilgrimage Vol.7


sell year 2014/ 06/ 13
maker Bonnoji
data 44分min
Genre Battle
> Erotic Pro-Wrestling
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.18

Women wrestler Subjugation Pilgrimage Vol.7

price 3,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

No way do before overwhelming steroids also excellent technique ...

Incident Joshi wrestler and famous women fighter is being beaten up thoroughly by someone, that they are in the hospital feed had been occurring frequently in the fighting industry.
That it should stay in the dojo alone at night by continuous female martial artist the attack had been sentenced to industry to refrain, but the command orchid Dokofukukaze. Dojo late-night, I was making body detention alone. Then masked mystery man is attacked from behind orchids along with the roar like beast. Be taken to mount orchids that were caught off guard, but the orchid is a master of command Sambo would flurry kick quickly launch a triangle choke for the customer and take a hand of the masked man.

Was only in the introduction before the tragedy this
Orchid to look of contempt to masked man dropped. Looking back, feeling also lacking something whether this degree, masked man of another large stood slightly earlier than is there. Paying out the grappling measure the Reach, giving out flashes low kick calmly and relative now. And had a good orchid that have already taken this victory to the bank to determine the triangle choke dropped strangled completely masked man first ... again.

As someone else and to just it was inferior, masked man that would break the lifting technique from run to run the air that you are over the skill overwhelming superhuman strength. The accused forcibly in power since then, excellent technique of orchid as well, its soft body and teeth can not stand at all in front of pure power, again and again and continued applied the technique unilaterally. And was from being dropped completely around the triangle choke is a good technique of its own at last.

Dangerous side-by-side with the sentence of death is enforcement!

Ran lost consciousness Moteasobareru as good for the masked man ... two. Even after the orchid has regained consciousness in the boisterousness degree, tainted your body as you applied the technique in the sacred ring, body and soul Pride was from being in ... Zutaboro.


Commando Ran (Ran Umesaki)
T162 B86 W60 H86

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