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Ikasekko Battle Daiject DVD Vol.07
Ikasekko Battle Daiject DVD Vol.07


sell year 2006/ 06/ 16
maker BATTLE
data 110min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Catfight
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.4

Ikasekko Battle Daiject DVD Vol.07

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Coming the DVD that the legend of women fight!! The fight and excite for the history of catfight come again!!

Ikasseko Battle No.13
A former lesbian's Kano and Yukari with abundant male experience confront at last!!
Two women who have confidence in an erotic technique,take vibrator in their hand, and unfold a responsibility violently!
Two persons who have confidence in an erotic technique take vibrator in its hand, and develop a point battle violently!(54min)

Ikasseko Battle No.14
The heroine Yuu of a high tension and Nao of the person experienced in volleyball unfold a responsibility violently!Each takes vibrator in its hand and an erotic match starts!The direction attacked by two vibrator leaks the painful pant voice to which humiliation mingles with pleasure!(56min)


Kano Uchida Part time job
T157 B87 W59 H85
Yukari Asakkura Office lady
T155 B86 W60 H88
Yu Aoki Student
T155 B87 W58 H87
Nao Kikukawa Student
T166 B86 W60 H90

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