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Women wrestler Subjugation Pilgrimage Vol.8
Women wrestler Subjugation Pilgrimage Vol.8


sell year 2014/ 06/ 27
maker Bonnoji
data 41分min
Genre Battle
> Erotic Pro-Wrestling
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.18

Women wrestler Subjugation Pilgrimage Vol.8

price 3,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Incident Joshi wrestler and famous women fighter is being beaten up thoroughly by someone, that they are in the hospital feed had been occurring frequently in the fighting industry.
The women's fighter attack incident that occurs nightly, many reporters are coming to the attention of the original wrestler Erica American way home. If this is set to one person on the ring in disgust irresponsible to interview offensive to surging until late at night, masked man of mystery appears as if poked the chance. Erika this masked bastard is guessed to be a perpetrator of the attack instantly. Erika that hobby reverse , was to accept the attack of masked man for the pleasure of their own than to catch the culprit.

It is not known that the worst moment of my life to visit ...
Overwhelming strength of Erika feared in the United States, a masked man was defeated hands and legs without out intimidating coming from the tall, would have been played with so good for the pleasure of Erica. Masked man who fear Bitch sore "Real Famous Bitch" ... nickname street runs away from the ring at last. Erika that can not suppress the tingling of their own was bubbling up once but chasing a masked man ....

Erica you have captured the masked man in the office of affiliation dojo had wielded violence enjoy useless and strangle the neck out and have a rope. But behind it, one masked man ... the other. Erika that remain subject to attack by surprise from behind, decide the bear hug of crosscut good technique somehow by the power of the inborn, but it would have been escape put nothing shot of a punch in the flank or for damage until now. And lead to fainting finally a further turn of the screw of the masked man that does not slow down our attack Goliath Erika was sealed hamstrung by rope to mask the first man, ....

Dangerous side-by-side with the sentence of death is enforcement!
There is no way to do any more to Erica that has been captured. That's not even in bulk, such as can not be inserted masked man if it does not stretch, once allowed to despair and hurt the body and pride. Committed it is irresistible, Naburare, only be abandoned ....


Erika Killing (Erika Nishino)
T176cm B97cm W62cm H90cm

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