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[discounted]Hanging one hell choking11
[discounted]Hanging one hell choking11


sell year 2014/ 10/ 10
maker Salome
data 41分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Choking and Suffocation

[discounted]Hanging one hell choking11

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Bizarre manner propensity's us! Attacks suddenly the fear! General women

Appearance of general women who had become a prey of the tree ●● Yi population such person who ... who had had an unusual propensity that excitement to the figure of women writhing in hanging Wringing neck had been housed in the video 's. The video begins with being confined in the room women Kogitanai. This woman, boggling expansion of our who had watched the drink How the Katazu ... whether become was waiting together. By men of dingy looking, be treated as a toy hanging blame Wringing neck, figure of pathetic woman. Men who will Naco but will Wameko but without Mai placed, is enjoying a play suffocation hanging Wringing neck in order to satisfy the propensity of their own. Horrible act that does not harm cruel ever lived, to say that torture is no longer faint many times hanging Wringing neck also awakened forcibly, and suffering in hanging Wringing neck again, that faint and, and agony is performed is you're. Be viewed until the last video that was full of this madness is did not hold a candle ...


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