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hair angel vol.71 Nanase / 24 years old
hair angel vol.71 Nanase / 24 years old


sell year 2014/ 10/ 17
data 110分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving

hair angel vol.71 Nanase / 24 years old

price 6,527 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

No. 71 bullet appeared Nanase's 24-year-old drifting sexy bewitching.
Nanase's care of hair is not prudent to busy,
Black hair and short Kariage want to challenge Imechen drastic opportunity this time
They wanted to do a resolve to.

Nanase's change the hairstyle a few years, ... a little bit nervous.
Clippers is ... suddenly the hair that has been blocking despite such a tension!
... Stare stunned the hair sliding down helplessly.
How not hide the upset clippers first time in my life, to Kariage.

Change hair color also to black impression turned into silhouette in no time short.
The stunning atmosphere and to feel the sex appeal even in a neat and clean from a bewitching sex appeal
Do not miss the Nanase who had undergone a Imechen!



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