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Tall woman wrestler full surrender match Vol.1
Tall woman wrestler full surrender match Vol.1


sell year 2014/ 10/ 31
maker BATTLE
data 42分min
Genre Battle
> Mixed Pro-Wrestling
> Battle SpecialPrice

Tall woman wrestler full surrender match Vol.1

price 3,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

It is full surrender to the partner who is inferior in the physique!! Humiliation completely defeated by the poor wrestler who was despising!!

1730mm skyscr crash!!

Rei Tsurumi, she is an owner of the blessed physique of the height of 173 cm. Taking advantage of the extraordinary body, it is under activity as a woman wrestler. In an ordinary woman wrestler, it does not become a partner with the difference between its physique and power, but Tsurumi came to play a game against men.
Although it is well-built how much, men is an enemy too.
The concern was also groundless apprehensions although the circumference was worried about Tsurumi.
Tsurumi wins consecutive victories against a better-built men wrestler than itself.
She was the player who it is not only well-built, but merely had technology and courage with her.

He was today's waging-war rivalman.
And a man too much poor for calling it a wrestler smaller than Tsurumi.
"He is not my rival --", thought Tsurumi.
The inattention was her trap although Tsurumi overwhelmed the man the opening part. -- Tsurumi which lets out a middle kick, however a man catch the kick, and counterattack with a dragon screw.
The knee of Tsurumi receives a large damage in an unexpected counterattack. -- A man aims at the leg of Tsurumi with a chance, and attacks one point intensively.
Tsurumi where it also becomes hot to rise on foot supporting her physique in response to a large damage.
Skyscr collapse --
Although the body has already screamed, the language of giving up does not come out of her with the height of pride. --
The more it continues patience, the more the flesh of Tsurumi undertakes the serious damage.
However, not only flesh but soul collapses and the moment she surrenders at last comes on. --


Rei Tsurumi
T:173cm B:82cm W:60cm H:90cm

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