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[discounted]Hanging one hell choking13
[discounted]Hanging one hell choking13


sell year 2014/ 12/ 12
maker Salome
data 43分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Choking and Suffocation

[discounted]Hanging one hell choking13

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

The devil neck to the general woman strangled, hanged blame !! due to abnormal propensity person

Women who wake up in a room of darkness. Why leave the situation, not even know what your are here, it is attacked by a bizarre propensity's us. Give strangled relentlessly the neck of the woman, And Do they remember the sexual excitement, even more, the power can get you account for women's neck. Women who with stupor is, ends up eventually fainting. Bizarre propensity's us, such that so enough things, women forced to awaken, is once again enjoying the neck strangle act. Choking figure of poor women are treated as a toy is not intended to be very emmetropic. Look at the women's figure suffering, albeit silently, bizarre propensity who figure that can not be hidden pleasure and sexual excitement is the exactly remember the horror. Bizarre propensity person who to repeat the act rather than the many times, in order to improve the their excitement, Yuku allowed to risk escalate act fast. Ultimately, Yuki brought women and the to the gallows, bizarre propensity person who perform the hanging act. Does this woman from being happened eventually, you do not want to even imagine.


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