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Groin punch-kick
Groin punch-kick


sell year 2014/ 12/ 19
data 108分min
Genre Battle
> Domination Catfight
> Belly Punching

Groin punch-kick

price 4,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Belly punch and the crotch punch-kick
I'll kick groin aim genital Key points. Blow to scoop from up and feet kicking foot toes and knees. The Notautsu while watching even to fumble for the genital yourself in pain for the first time experience. I Kurawaseru also belly punch if there is a chance. Is it good to such a thing against women a little feel the question. And the abdomen by a thin stick, put the foot, to look for pain point of root its neck. Should there is a place always hurts. And picking up Locate there to wrest the meat narrowing attached with your fingers. Configuration in a different angle 48 minutes in the main 60 minutes plus bonus


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