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[discounted]Hanging one hell choking17
[discounted]Hanging one hell choking17


sell year 2015/ 04/ 17
maker Salome
data 42分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Choking and Suffocation

[discounted]Hanging one hell choking17

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Women who had been surrounded by a big man to wake up in the dim room. And run about trying to escape the strange room asked to exit, but soon to strangle have Haggai caught in man. Growth is much neck to man the hands of women who have become panic of fear, I tighten the neck I slowly. It's desperately to escape it and resist women raise strangled but man the power of further strong neck, Yuku faded gradually consciousness. Next Choking was waiting to have been freed Nde fainting verge immediately. Choking woman to act to Shosui to be repeated, and lose resist energy, it was than beg for nothing but forgiveness to men. However, men continued to strangle the neck in silence. After several times of syncope, rope has been applied to the notice. When I confused the situation, pulled up suddenly rope .... Applied to the rope of neck their weight is all, I tighten the throat. Then, when all at once the rope is pulled, the female body was tired Bata the moment limbs to float in the air, and you've stuck it remains suspended in the rope ....


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