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The second course - pig car transport Feeding
The second course - pig car transport Feeding


sell year 2015/ 06/ 12
data 120分min
Genre FetishWorld
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The second course - pig car transport Feeding

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Detailed explanation 

Yapoos Market rookie Miss Wang training course, it is Miyuki Osawa of lecturer.
The first time you guys saw this DVD, I'll explain the history of the so far for livestock reserve army Kung.
Anyway materials livestock Kung who used to rookie Miss King training courses from today safely phosphorus Miss king over the evening from noon yesterday is to capture two dogs, and the are imprisoned by connecting a chain in each narrow cage I.
Of course, already in the two dogs of livestock Kung who were captured during the day and evening, which was introduced in DVD of the first Kamoku, phosphorus Miss King and nourishing food and specialty drinks that were raised out of the body in each in with me plenty and since it had been given and, and I think the stomach's okay until the morning of today.
However, three dogs eyes of young cattle that captured at me and phosphorus Miss King last night, disgusting to Seriously! ! What that is grinning was calm and composed attitude was strange death Banare be?
In fact, what I am to capture from the streets livestock Kung realistic comes doing to what guy is any face because it was the first time tonight? You probably look at the will will our face looking in DVD, although it was first looking forward to or first to any notes.
But, I had changed the expression that was puzzled only a little to soon to be connected by a collar and chain to put I pull to the private room of the truly narrow women's toilet, it's how much a sight to see attitude changes in captivity Torture from today.
And this guy in from last night, since only given have not only special juice coming out of my body, I guess vacant equivalent stomach?
... Because it is cute likely as Nowak in the morning most of the food if you take me to the training field from now, immediately, we must give to restrain the toilet w


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