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Third course - pig toilet remodeling sorting
Third course - pig toilet remodeling sorting


sell year 2015/ 06/ 12
data 120分min
Genre FetishWorld
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Third course - pig toilet remodeling sorting

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Yapoos Market rookie Miss Wang training course, it is Miyuki Osawa of lecturer.
The first time you guys saw this DVD, I'll explain the history of the so far for livestock reserve army Kung.
First as a rookie Miss materials livestock to the daughter our king candidate that has been opened from today, to capture me with three animals of livestock Kung us and phosphorus Miss king over the night from noon yesterday, and out on each from our body It did imprisoned until this morning in a private room of the cage and girls toilet gives the bait of specialty drinks and nourishing that is.
And it took I pull up to Torture field put on the pig product cars in one the three animals in the morning, each for holy water toilet bowl, for the golden toilet bowl, toilet paper Rim apprentices and to freshman to us lecturer with restraint given the cleaning and role daughter us and in just a little bit together, I tried to use.
Sure enough, usability is at all bad, I like the future must have pretty tough training.
But, from the excellent completion livestock as a freshman daughter our materials livestock, Maybe it is the good of that much useless guys.
Te, so was able to capture the Six livestock Kung us after safely even today by, finally I start of full-fledged torture Torture.
I also ... actually trained instructor, I will be excited because for the first time that it is to interview Torture still brand new livestock token no one put a hand in Yapoos market w


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