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[discounted]Hanging one hell choking19
[discounted]Hanging one hell choking19


sell year 2015/ 07/ 24
maker Salome
data 42分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Choking and Suffocation

[discounted]Hanging one hell choking19

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Choking-hanging mania it can pounce to the latched women who have been imprisoned in the basement. Is trying to escape to desperately resistance, but caught in mania us, hand is applied to the neck. Faded gradually awareness to the power of man to be tightened, Yuku missing the power of the whole body. Although it is released in fainting brink not escape well tangle foot. Woman to act strangled neck to be repeated finally exhaustion fainting. Still bizarre and neck strangled act without end, it is repeated in women who regained consciousness. Resisting energy even lost women, but the Inochigoi desperately, nobody listened without mania our feast Yuku followed. And after several times of fainting, neck rope is applied to the back of consciousness, it was in dire mania our own gallows. to try to remove the pulling rope is desperately, but it does not come off in panic. And strong When the rope is pulled, woman's body floating in the air, total body weight is applied to the neck. Women after rampage in the air, stuck in.


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