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Yurina Ayashiro and Ayane Haruna Unreleased picture
Yurina Ayashiro and Ayane Haruna  Unreleased picture


sell year 2016/ 06/ 01
maker Akiba Broadband Vision
data 25分min
Genre Athlete
> Racing Swimsuit
> Bloomer, PE Uniform
> Cheerleader and Dance

Yurina Ayashiro and Ayane Haruna Unreleased picture

price 1,500 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation 

& out of which the color scheme castle lily on which I appear isn't formed matches athlete birth festival 2015 held on October 31, 2015 "signature, handshake and photography meeting", event of Mr. Haruka rape. I also deliver Sean who leaked as the unreleased picture collection preciously from the inside of 5 titles of the new design! H which isn't judged by this chapter, a picture, a making and a pretty image scene of two people are plenty. A color scheme castle lily isn't accomplished, it fits, it's the contents a fan of Mr. Haruka rape can't overlook! < br>< br>※ this goods are different from the usual case which becomes a report in plastic cases without jackets, so please accept it.< br>< br>※ this product is being produced in DVD-R.


Yurina Ayashiro Ayane Haruna

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