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Lucha Libre 1
Lucha Libre 1


sell year 2016/ 10/ 21
maker BATTLE
data 69分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

Lucha Libre 1

price 8,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation 

Only possible miracle of the game in a special player!

The Lucha Libre! ? Lo explico.
Lucha Libre (Lucha Libre) is the meaning of freedom fight in Spanish, is that of professional wrestling ring.
In general, it referred to as a lucha libre that of professional wrestling ring of Mexican style. This work is, special talent
Carefully selected the players who have to teach the style of Lucha, it is a professional wrestling work of the new sense of debut! ! !

In order to train Ruchadora, there was a plan to develop a new warrior in secret in BATTLE ! !

Graduation of testimony each trained to mentor, mask bestow!
Special training has been completed, and strawberry Suzuya that has been taught the mask also said the life of Ruchadora Yuri Takei. These girls, headed to debut with pride. The match is expected, become the de flashy deployment, two people became hot is, ... in the flow would put a hand on each other's mask and costume! ! Although the rookie, the feeling is crossed !!! you want to win in the humiliation and the debut peeling off the mask

Flexible and two people with a body that is instantaneous force, large clash on the ring! ! Its contents had only been chosen by no means at the level of the debut! !
Head and and wear a mask to hide the face is the body of the form a more stand out, representing a fetish thing in erotic! ! Mania super must-see! ! ! !
Even if the mask is peeled off, two people continue to struggle with pride! !

In the wake of completely this game that has become a grudge match, the girls will decide the rematch in the B-1 tournament ...! !


Ichigo Suzuya, Yuuri Takei

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