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silver powder 8
silver powder 8


sell year 2016/ 12/ 09
data 52分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Wet and Messy

silver powder 8

price 5,800 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Amazing J Cup, powerful dynamite body turns into a huge silver object!
Nozomi Sanpei with amazing J Cup, dynamite body tried her first silver powder of metallic wet & messy! In her dubious dark room she was showing uneasy expression in the future, but she starts painting I was surprised at the metal change of my body and it seemed like it was fun, I did not hesitate, I dyed the neck downwards silver. If the powerful J-cup body dyed in silvery as it is, the shadows were emphasized, becoming a body further separated from humans, increasing power. And soaked her hair in a silver liquid, her long boasted bracelet looked like a wire. The only face that had left skin color also she painted a silver liquid without hesitation, she turned into a whole body silver living object. It was not enough for it alone, I picked up my face many times with a silver liquid and made my tongue and mouth silver. She felt excited by this extraordinary act, I frenkied the body with ecstatic expression and began masturbating. A rough voice, many times while immersing his face in a silver liquid, a silver liquid invaded her eyeball and her eyes became silver. We will not be able to feel the ultimate eroticism in the form of culminating in an inorganic form like the whole body has been metallized.


Nozomi Mikimoto

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