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Hair angel vol. 74 Yukari / 22 years old
Hair angel vol. 74 Yukari / 22 years old


sell year 2016/ 12/ 12
data 92分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving

Hair angel vol. 74 Yukari / 22 years old

price 5,695 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Hair stretched halfway ... It is that he is lost as he continues to aim for a longer length or to cut off. We could not recommend Long when I heard that .... While proposing a bold harvest berry short, at first I was confused and confirmed my determination to push hard. Yukari who can not hide the tension in the hair clipper for the first time in the life. I can also see the fear that all the blocked parts will be harvested, but it will be harvested at once with a clipper without hesitation .... Yuka-chan who can not hide upsetting by seeing pale background bare in a moment. Do not miss a big transformation where anxiety and resignation expressions intersect while watching extended hair go sharply shortened!



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