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Hair angel vol.72 Kumi / 21 years old
Hair angel vol.72 Kumi / 21 years old


sell year 2015/ 10/ 27
data 101分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving

Hair angel vol.72 Kumi / 21 years old

price 3,719 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

It seems I was wondering whether to extend to the shoulder halfway halfway, to stretch as it is to make it long or short, but of course we pushed the latter! Because Kumi is a nice opportunity ... I decided to transform into short! Kumi-chan, who knows that the image of the short will not rise even by myself, starts cutting with a slight uneasy expression. Scissors enter lightly with hair extending to the bottom of the shoes. Look at the looking silhouette .... Watch over the state of yourself changing with serious eyes ... What kind of feeling do you have? Do not miss Kumi-chan, who is gradually recovering the brightness from the uneasy expression accepting himself as a short-haired, Im techen of the tension of the active female college student!



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