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hair angel vol.75 Hanako / 20-year-old
hair angel vol.75 Hanako / 20-year-old


sell year 2016/ 12/ 13
data 79分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving

hair angel vol.75 Hanako / 20-year-old

price 6,639 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

The 75th is a 20-year-old girls college student, Longhwa-chan, who appeared. I decided to challenge the sudden Berry Short without a short experience! Tension and anxiety, leaving the restless appearance at last, at the time of cutting .... Just cut the long hair spread over the cross without blocking! His hair with her scissors cut in without regularity slides down to the floor without force .... Scissors that keeps moving lightly without even hesitation or time of regret. The hidden necklace and ears are also completely exposed, and the long side of 20 years is lost in a moment and it becomes a belly short like a different person .... Do not miss Hanako who will dramatically transform herself into courtesy to the first Belly Short of life!



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