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Kaori, daily belly punches
Kaori, daily belly punches


sell year 2016/ 12/ 29
data 66分min
Genre Battle
> Belly Punching

Kaori, daily belly punches

price 3,500 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Episode 1 "Kaori beat until you completely lose your temper"
Shooting resumed after being hit hard or subject to pressure. Beat until you completely lose your temper. Kaori who has gotten used to belly punching a lot. In order to save complete fainting, we have to weaken it and aim for the time when it gets harsh.

Episode 2 "Kaori experienced abdominal torture also faints after all"
To be truly disciplined, lie on his back, piercing his head, internal organs compression, hitting the fist! I understand well that there is no resistance to abdominal punching.

"TKO with Kaori inexperienced punch"
Belly punch in a form that can not be predicted with a slow and heavy punch and a fast no-motion stabbing punch. Is it earlier that punching is fast or putting abs.

Episode III "It will become like this if you help one person in the intestines play"
One person play of the intestines. Pokun! Pochon! I hear the sound of the intestines. I wonder if it is just a pleasant strength, but it does not go! I have to suffer! So I will help you from pleasure to anguish people. Eventually, the fist is driven in and the play is over.

The fourth episode "Kaori" TKO in 10th place on this day "
Kaori of this day became a technical knockout in 10 plans that would be effective points. It seems that a straight punch that starts from slowly rather quickly rather than no motion.


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