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M drag Maki Hoshikawa
M drag Maki Hoshikawa


sell year 2017/ 01/ 19
maker Dogma
data 103分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Kimbaku-style BDSM
> Masochistic Woman

M drag Maki Hoshikawa

price 3,800 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

M: Miki Hoshikawa who continues to evolve as an M woman finally appeared in M drag! Struggling to hard iarouchio with restraint by toilet bowl, get drunk by the pleasure ahead. It is caught in a toilet bite toy restraint and exposes a violent strange condition. The men 's semen and urinating form are just meat toilet. In the climax 's live cum shot four times, the epileptic appearance of Maki, which is fucked violently while being restrained by a toilet bowl stimulates the instinct of a man!


Maki Hoshikawa

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