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silver powder 9
silver powder 9


sell year 2017/ 04/ 07
data 53分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Wet and Messy

silver powder 9

price 5,800 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Normally I watched a variety of Messy videos, I had been dreaming of Messy play all the time, Akiyama Yu finally challenged Messy play of my wish! It is! In an interview, talk about Messy's hot feelings and start playing immediately. While giving out many times as "Feeling good", she dyes the whole body silveryly happily. Her hair changes face to face with her without hesitation at all. Gradually sighing out, showing a look of ecstatic appearance, began to show a squirrel as Messy Mania. From the hair to the feet, the whole body was dyed in silver, looking at her shape like a metal object, she seemed to be more excited, she felt her silver body, tossed her finger, licked her finger, Included in, enjoyed Messy play to immerse. And as I was excited, I began masturbating in front of the camera. I sat face many times in a container containing silver powder, and the eyeball was attacked by silver color. Even so, she seemed unsatisfactory, she took a richer silver powder from her head, finally she was covered in silver powder to the point where she could not understand expression, and finally she reached ecstasy. It seems that Messia Play of admiration excited her and excited her, more than she imagined, it seemed to be a thing leading pleasure, she became a prisoner of Messy Play and will continue exploring this deep world.


Yu Akiyama

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