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New-headed tyrant 3
New-headed tyrant 3


sell year 2017/ 04/ 14
maker EGOIST
data 57分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Choking and Suffocation

New-headed tyrant 3

price 3,980 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation 

An abnormal crime recorded picture that captured the act of a man with abnormal sexual harassment strangling the neck of innocent women. An unhappy woman who became a target of a neck strangulation mania is captured and abducted in a dim room, and it becomes a point of desire of the neck strangers maniac. A woman who is necked many times with his hands, arms, rope, etc., repeatedly fainting, gradually debilitating. Life begins with a weak voice, but a mania man repeats his neck tightening silently. And an excited mania man screws the erected cock into the mouth of a debilitating woman. A lost woman who lost resistance also serves as a man, with his mouth. The neck tightening and blowjobs were repeated, firing a large amount of semen in the mouth of a woman who was consciously stunned and nearly immovable, and went out of a dim room ....


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