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'Blu-ray ver.' Rival lesbian fight 03
'Blu-ray ver.'  Rival lesbian fight 03


sell year 2018/ 02/ 09
maker BATTLE
data 60分min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Pro-Wrestling

'Blu-ray ver.' Rival lesbian fight 03

price 8,500 JPY

[ Blu-Ray ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

(Blu-ray version)

'Lesbian fights two players who have played a game related to' battle fan meeting holding memorial special match Ayane geta vs vs. Miyazaki Aya '!

Two special people! Once the professional wrestling skin, people who fought fierce fighting gambling pride again!
Two people who went on a special edition wrestling fight at the event holding commemoration match! ! In this fight, Aya Miyazaki shows overwhelming ability, Ayane yakusa will become to taste humiliation ...! ! And this time, these two people crash big with Lesbian fight! ! Unlike the vampire professional wrestling, the fight between girls collides with each other Erotic fight with great mental damage! ! Will Ayane want to win Miyazaki by all means finish with a brilliant victory in the fight that decides this woman's value! What?

Outstanding Body & Erotic Technique! !
I will never lose to you again! !
I do not want to lose anything Ayane confronts!
Fusion of squid and professional wrestling!
Only for Lesbian fight by two who do not intersect normally, a combination of mania spoil! For Ayane who can not accept defeat by any means, this fight will be important!

The fight of special players already fought with professional wrestling! ! Faction of the two people is not finished in a for-eternity meeting, complete settlement that they decide which is actually as a female! ! Even if you lose once you challenge until your heart breaks! ! Experience the finest Lesbian fight that erotic, fierce and gorgeous people spin! !


Haruna Ayane, Aya Miyazaki

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