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"Blu-ray ver." PRO-LESTLING Special Vol.7
"Blu-ray ver." PRO-LESTLING Special Vol.7


sell year 2018/ 05/ 11
maker BATTLE
data 65分min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Pro-Wrestling

"Blu-ray ver." PRO-LESTLING Special Vol.7

price 9,500 JPY

[ Blu-Ray ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

(Blu-ray version)

Rich & amusing !!
ProRes dream match leading from the event opening memorial match!

A fellow match that can be said as a special special match behind! What?
These two people are actually fighting in the special event match memorial special match! ! The fate of this time made the attitude of their feelings and groins so that emotional fight is realized! ! Igarashi against Yokoyama, who overwhelms his opponent with overwhelming eroticism, by demonstrating the slutty nature that can not be imagined from the appearance. It was a totally different taste from when I fought in professional wrestling, content that I would not bear with Lesbian love rather than skill fetish! ! Two battle fuck battle where the body is pretty erotic is an iron plate! !

- Wrestling x Lesbian x Battle fought with the meaning of women -
On the ring is a jungle of female and woman 's nakedness and a weak cookie that took on his nature! ! Fighting in the format of professional wrestling, in reality it is not such a nima gentle thing! ! Originally a woman squealing a man something. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that Erotech decides the existence value of women themselves. In other words, if you lose this erotic + fighting, you are putting a label that is completely below your opponent as a living thing! ! Just a mistake if you think that you are confronting! ! Lez fight of a level that can not be reached at all by newcomers! ! Famous actress vs famous actress! ! Why is this fight special? The meaning is proving that the two are clear! ! !

Name birthday birthday! ! A wonderful sense of stability! ! Convinced special!
Highlights! Beautiful limbs meet!


Natsuki Yokoyama
T163 B87 W58 H86
Seiran Igarashi
T156 B82 W56 H85

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