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Women's Pro-lesling revenge Reboot 02
Women's Pro-lesling revenge Reboot 02


sell year 2018/ 06/ 29
data 61分min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Pro-Wrestling

Women's Pro-lesling revenge Reboot 02

price 8,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Let me give you a stage of revenge
However, fight with the rules of wrestling x lesbian.

Restart! !
Shame on being defeated once and challenge once again! !
One spice for this humiliating act. It is a Praise confrontation. Part of measuring the skill of your opponent with full use of the body and fight with erotic techniques that are greatly related to your own spirit. The concept of this work has always fought once, and those who left the grudge fight by placing a pride on the ring. Would you defeat the hateful opponent, regain your pride, or lose again and be defeated to become humiliating and traumatic enough to never repair pride again .... Ellis itself is a figure that casts dignity as a professional wrestler and dignity as a woman with a ring and throws herself into a struggle that can not be defeated.

Revenge? Want to return?
Sweet and crazy fight of women and girls with grudges
A match that took place once in the past, only taken with the combination decided by victory or defeat came back! Wrestling & lesbian rules are harsh things that hurt your opponent with professional wrestling and forcibly squeeze with a lesbian attack. Through sexual battles, the dignity of a woman takes! ! ! Beautifully strong women's professional wrestlers will throw away both shame and daily statements and we will be able to see the preparedness and the harshness going up on this ring. Both the viewer and the fight side are excited about the relationship of grudges. Besides fierceness, the fierce battle is also professional wrestling.

The Kamiomi Truth that has suffered defeat of humiliation with 'Delusion Women's Professional Wrestling Vol. In order to regain her own pride, she gets revenge on Lesbian fight! The popular Lesbian fight series that takes over the setting of the previous work finally resurrected! Is it even more defeat? Is it reversal? Humiliation is waiting for the losers!


Kou Akane, Mami Sorami

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