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Shoot to her hair
Shoot to her hair


sell year 2018/ 06/ 20
maker RADIX
data 133分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving
> Other Fetishism

Shoot to her hair

price 5,800 JPY

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I would like to add my own footprints to fresh cement. The full moon that shines white in the dark is beautiful. People want to contaminate beautiful things People have a desire to conquer, and those who break sense of unity know that they make beauty more prominent. In order to pollen the long black female hair with white semen, wrap the hair around the penis, scrape hardly, soak the semen that you put out into your hair and scalp, and wipe the blowing tide with your hair. Continue to have fun with the lively expression and disturbed hair until you can endure the crazy desire of a man.


Kurumi Tamaki

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