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Completely damaged beautiful girl heroine
Completely damaged beautiful girl heroine


sell year 2019/ 01/ 11
maker GIGA
data 60+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Completely damaged beautiful girl heroine

price 9,000 JPY

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One day, my father, a scientist, suddenly passed away from another accident. A video letter from my father who reaches the source of her only daughter who is disappointed. So my father told me that heroine activity of sudden justice. A beautiful sound that you get super power for only 5 minutes with his new drug [X - 11]. First sighting costumes as Justy Girls First thing I saw in a wide show Man Yazawa Katsutoshi. JG found out that he is a death merchant. On the contrary, they are worn by the trap and their evil hands ... men who skillfully use the weaknesses of X - 11 and drive her into a pinch. A lot of delinquent domination. JG who never gives up is finally overwhelmed by Yazawa with raped FUCK dandruff ... It is a ruthless last called abutting JG of the body and mind all the time to the JG of the stuffed bowl ... It stands up again ... And then I opened my eyes again Please Justy Girl! ! !


Rino Takanashi

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