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Aim is Pink ~ A certain combatant's memoir
Aim is Pink ~ A certain combatant's memoir


sell year 2019/ 01/ 25
maker GIGA
data 70+4分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Aim is Pink ~ A certain combatant's memoir

price 9,000 JPY

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"For me this moment every day I have trained and trained harsh special training to myself.Killing a certain enemy is my only goal ... that enemy is ... the red scarlet of the hero squadron ・ the pink ribbon ..." ... Hissatsu Weapons Today the laser ribbon also hits enemies. It appeared before such a super heroine is a common fighter called 1117. Unlike other combatants who do not even remember being brainwashed, he had a clear vision. "That, such a combatant should be an ordinary human being who was brainwashed!" He is forced to struggle with its ability far beyond the expectations of PR. Justice energy to spur out from every part of the body. When it goes beyond the limits ... PR ・ Sakura Misaki becoming a disgusted woman. The tongue that crawls on her neck which is losing her. Jealousy of justice not easily accepting cocks. "No need for impatience ..." Misaki who has been pulled down to the bed ... "Oh ... no ... wow ... amazing ... too much ...!" Fingers, fingers and fingers that erode the body. What will ... ... Pink Ribbon! What?


Riko Kitagawa

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