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Mighty Honey Brainwashing Devil Leveled Edition
Mighty Honey Brainwashing Devil Leveled Edition


sell year 2019/ 01/ 25
data 60+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Mighty Honey Brainwashing Devil Leveled Edition

price 3,960 JPY

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Takayanagi Miki is a journal Bunny newspaper reporter all day. When the incident occurred he was transforming into a mighty honey and fought against evil. One day, an incident occurs when Augustus' hero, black meteor attacks a chemical factory. Honey to defeat Black Meteor after death battle. And it turns out that Black Meteor was being brainwashed and manipulated by someone. At the same time a powerful rival emerges before Miki. Free cameraman Kameyama Yoko went out of Honey's scoop and challenged the battle with reporters sitting. After the battle, after becoming inferior, Silver gets to make Honey scoop by concluding a truce agreement with Miki for survival. Miki gets on to invite himself but it was a Silver Trap! The identity of Ginza was the brainwashing devil Level. Levelebe was planning to brainwash Honey and use it for conquering the Earth! Will Honey be able to revoke the brainwashing of Levelbe!


Mari Mochizuki

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