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Masochism improvement guidance training
Masochism improvement guidance training


sell year 2019/ 02/ 04
maker Mistress Land
data 203分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Femdom
> Live Stock

Masochism improvement guidance training

price 7,429 JPY

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To become a masochistic higher than the current one, the two Queen Ai Queen who came to receive guidance to the former Queen Ao Qo wanted what kind of things the Queen saw in actual training and how It is pleasure to do things and dislike what kind of things you learn the inner side of the unknown Queen, starting with the way of greeting and inserting anal foreign body which has never been received, abacus plate sitting seat, gold kicking, foot mat mat, Encourage you to actually train such as enema, bondage, hanging, candle, current sham and remember the painfulness of that torture with yourself remembered, and at that torture the masoctics stamped on how you should contact the Queen Maso power .


Aoi Ai

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