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Housewives' party
Housewives' party


sell year 2019/ 01/ 23
maker J-Leskiss
data 109分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Mouth and Tooth
> Spit
> Lesbian
> Mature
> Les Kiss

Housewives' party

price 3,800 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

【Fuji / Yuki】 ■ Licking the face of a beautiful wife
Third piece of beautiful wife's face licking by Mr. Fujino familiar! A beautiful wife, Mr. Fujino, will lick the face of a beautiful lesbian virgin which is increasingly flourishing past the 60th birthday. It is messy!

■ Invitation to Kiss
experienced Mr. Fujino who leads Yuki, an unexperienced Lesbian, to the world. I will draw in to the first time from a light kiss to a belofera or a deep kiss.

Erotic Kissing in Bed
Fujino Mr. Fujino Makes Yuki sleep on the bed and tastes her lip and tongue. A 50-year-old beautiful wife who gradually wakes up to the world with a lesbian kiss of his first experience of life. It is a must-see! There is licking on the last foot. .

【Reika / Miho】

The First Lesbian Kisses Two of my neighbor's homemakers. Reika invites younger Miho skillfully to the world who is not interested in Lesz while watching articles on LGBT on the net. Miho began to show interests little by little ... a rich milf lesbian kiss.

■ While chatting
Two people interchanging kidding while talking about the story on the bed. It is a Lesbian painting that you can taste a lovey atmosphere from richness.

■ I can not be without a kiss
Two people who just met my face yesterday and exchange face with my lips as soon as I meet. Non-stop kiss with a sofa in the kitchen in the hallway.


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