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Flatliner Girl ~ Beautiful Woman ~
Flatliner Girl ~ Beautiful Woman ~


sell year 2019/ 03/ 21
maker TraumaArt
data 55分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Other Fetishism

Flatliner Girl ~ Beautiful Woman ~

price 4,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

A mental collapse adult thriller work that inherits the soul of B-class suspense comes up.

What happens if a person dies? Akari, who is interested in doing so, became the laboratory bench and did a second-death experiment, which was dangerous because he stopped his brain activity and was resuscitated two minutes later. It sends an electric current to the brain, peels the white eyes, blows bubbles, and dies. Somehow the light revives in the surrounding first aid. After the experience of the world after death, Akari's academic performance was high, sexual harassment was full and good things were full. However, she gradually produces sexual excitement, sees hallucinations, exerts weird abilities such as dreaming sickness and losing her mind. A professor who saw her runaway tries to stop her brain again to restore her ... but a female college student with a life challenge challenges the Tondemo near death experience and is broken and exposes the misery Beautiful dark suspense picture work.


Akari Niimura

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