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Perfect human toilet and anal awakening Youko
Perfect human toilet and anal awakening Youko


sell year 2019/ 09/ 10
maker Mistress Land
data 208分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Femdom
> Live Stock

Perfect human toilet and anal awakening Youko

price 7,429 JPY

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Queen Youko takes a masochist man who has signed a lifelong slave contract to the training room as usual and begins special training to become a slave suitable for the Queen's property. Cleansing boots, deodorizing steamed feet and licking sweat, strengthening durability with double whip, restraining on tongue service chair and drinking wine while drinking wine, mask with bottle for holy water Forced urine drinking, walking with the face fixed to the buttocks with a buttocks compression harness, restraint of the face sitting with a straight jacket, anal expansion with fist and legs, anal expansion with oversized strap-on And to make a perfect human toilet, severe training such as drinking holy water many times, ejaculating on a golden dish, eating golden with semen, pushing the rest into the mouth with a mouth open mask and closing with gum tape Continue.



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