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Yuria's Hair Fetish Department Dictionary
Yuria's Hair Fetish Department Dictionary


sell year 2019/ 11/ 15
maker virgin hair fetish
data 62分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving
> Other Fetishism

Yuria's Hair Fetish Department Dictionary

price 8,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Dear Yuria-chan fans, I ’m sorry to have kept you waiting! If you are a hair fetish, you should definitely see it! Yuria who captivated hair fetish in Okayama's miracle ☆ 彡 “Yamato Yasuko”. It's like a hair parts model, with a shiny and moist hip-over black-haired super-long hair. The scent of beauty salon shampoo is sensual, destroying the reason of men and leading to the world of pleasure. To commemorate Yuria's retirement this time, we were able to cooperate in the creation of a work that became a “bible for hair fetish”. A lot of play contents that hair fetish cry and please! If you don't see this, it's not a hair fetish. You can experience all of Yuria's dark hair, hair quality and shampoo scent.


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