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~Special Auction Festa~03
~Special Auction Festa~03


sell year 2019/ 12/ 20
data 120分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Live Stock

~Special Auction Festa~03

price 7,100 JPY

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In order to confirm the durability of the livestock buyers, the kings of the livestock buyers looked at each at the Livestock Personality Fair, to check the durability of the livestock, upside down hard lashing, upside down sandbag, blowing arrow stab, needle stab, tucking, flame firing, I was able to roll the thumbtack and enjoy all-you-can-study the whole body with stun gun discharge. Furthermore, in order to test the comfort as a feces and urine complete toilet bowl, it was used continuously. After the slaughter, he went to the bedroom on the other floor of the venue and forced him to lick his hard tongue from the facial chair.


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