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Sexy heroine shadowcat sealed weapon
Sexy heroine shadowcat sealed weapon


sell year 2019/ 12/ 27
maker GIGA
data 95+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Sexy heroine shadowcat sealed weapon

price 9,000 JPY

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A phantom thief shadowcat that steals jewels in order to seal the demons in the jewels. However, the devil had a trap! Activate the sprinkler and poke the weaknesses of the water-sensitive shadow cat! What's more, the water contained a lot of “devil's saliva” that makes every woman sensitive! The next day, Ai, who worked normally as an instructor, was made to feel a sensitive body by a man who was obsessed with the devil, and was fucked in the form of spats. Ai covered with humiliation raises her resolve to seal and goes to the mansion again that night in the form of a shadow cat, but feels lost during the battle! A shadow cat whose usual sexy attack was lost to the bouncers. She was waiting for more shame ... [BAD END]
Miho Tono

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