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Heroine pinch omnibus 26 lord of the dragon
Heroine pinch omnibus 26 lord of the dragon


sell year 2019/ 12/ 27
data 60+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Heroine pinch omnibus 26 lord of the dragon

price 3,960 JPY

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The descendant of the dragon knight, the female warrior Rose, was a childhood friend and took the life of the magician Mai and the capital city of the Holy Spirit, and traveled to defeat the Carpio Rapon and Ryuo Inferno that they met on the way. One day, a boy from Norito village, Lint, was rescued from a forest where he was attacked by a Minor Jaigan. Roses who were invited to Lint's house in response to the help were told that the village was being attacked by a barbaric Jaigan and asked to rescue Mary, the mother of Lint who was exposed to Jaigan. Roses were once trying to refuse, but Lint's mother seems to have the “Orb that seals the evil dragon” as the descendant of the Miko clan. The sense of justice, the orb, and the three who are driven by the treat take on a dangerous quest ...


kariina wootonburaun,Koharu Hayase,Maiko Sahara

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