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Fighting School
Fighting School


sell year 2019/ 12/ 26
maker The Nation of Head Scissors
data 142ページmin
Genre Battle
> Strong Girl vs. Masochistic Guy
> Battle-Dojin

Fighting School

price 4,200 JPY

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① Fighting School
Six months ago, Minami Aihara, the best idol at school, defeated Kenji Sugiura, the top grader in the school year. The sights of the two Thaimen were revealed online, and martial arts became an unprecedented boom among girls. The school's best idol proved that girls could beat men. As a result, the ratio of women and men in martial arts clubs was overwhelmingly women. The video of killing a man was uploaded one after another by girls affected by the Thaiman video, which also resulted in a new female vs male Thaiman video. And in parallel with that, a numbering table was also created.
Depending on the number of boys killed and the level of boys killed, rankings are being made in the form of S, A, B, C, D, and girls are absorbed in the ranking. (16 pages in the main part)
② Fighting Gymnasium (24 pages)
③ Fighting Exchange (24 pages in the main part)
④Fighting Liberation (24 pages)
⑤Fighting Subconscious (24 pages)
⑥Fighting Repatriation (30 pages)


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Fighting School