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Hair Fetish Harlem Yuria & Mitsumi
Hair Fetish Harlem Yuria & Mitsumi


sell year 2020/ 02/ 26
maker virgin hair fetish
data 63分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving
> Other Fetishism

Hair Fetish Harlem Yuria & Mitsumi

price 11,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

A series of breathtaking scenes for hair fetish. Even though it is amazing alone, the beautiful and bewitching super long hair dance spreads across the screen.
Even if you do not explain the details, you can see in the sample that it is shocking content for hair fetish.
The cast is ", there will be nobody who knows if it is the hair fetish world, the legendary" Okayama Yuria "And super long hair, which is the hottest in the hair fetish world now
The appearance of two healing beauties, "Mitsuami", whose braids are a trademark, is just like Niagara Falls with long black hair.
Not only the length, but also the luster and fragrance, all taste the best hair. Two beauty queens leave a legendary work in the hair fetish world
I will show you the best sexual skills. With such long beautiful and glossy hair, blame the man himself, wrap it gently, finally lead to ejaculation, its beautiful
The black hair becomes cloudy ... not only the hairjob and haircut scene, but also the two beautiful hair queens themselves accept the men themselves and fall into disorder
Plenty of production scenes are also included. Finally, a shampoo scene is also included.


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