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Next Generations Fight Vol. 10
Next Generations Fight Vol. 10


sell year 2020/ 03/ 20
maker BATTLE
data 50分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

Next Generations Fight Vol. 10

price 8,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Look for tomorrow's stars! Newcomers who dream of the future will bet on pride and crash!
A tiny idol and a fair sister!
Intensely erotic game with a baby face!

Is the future champion born from here ?? Rookie confrontation series to discover new stars! Two newcomers dreaming of tomorrow's success fight fiercely! The new rookie who appeared this time, the first is a loli idol with a height of 151 cm Soft love. Small and cute, but very aggressive. And the costumes are also aggressive and T-back! On the other hand, the opponent is a 163 cm-small adult sister peach fragrance with a fair skin and fair skin. Momoka looks soft, but she's pretty sloppy with her ass coming out of her fluffy T-back. But she can't lose her! She's pride for success in the battle Hit each other !!

Aim for the champion of tomorrow, seize the chance!


Riri Momoka
T163cm B80 W58 H90
Yua Fuwari
T151cm B85 W58 H87

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