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Yuji Togashi's wrestling with wrestling -Family-Ichimaki-
Yuji Togashi's wrestling with wrestling -Family-Ichimaki-


sell year 2020/ 04/ 10
data 26分min
Genre Battle
> Domination Pro-Wrestling

Yuji Togashi's wrestling with wrestling -Family-Ichimaki-

price 8,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The wrestling girl is wrestling with professional wrestling. !

New domination series launched for boys who are usually oppressed by girls! !
In the world, a father's savior and father, Yuji Togashi, who defeats an unscrupulous daughter who fools a man! !
Let's pay attention to the wrestling of professional wrestling by Yuji Togashi, who corrects his ill-fated daughter! !


Yayoi Amane,Moe Asakura

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