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Semen Treatment Salon AF Queen Mitsumi
Semen Treatment Salon AF Queen Mitsumi


sell year 2020/ 04/ 02
maker virgin hair fetish
data 46分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving
> Other Fetishism

Semen Treatment Salon AF Queen Mitsumi

price 8,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation 

Along with the sudden closure of their affiliated store, the legendary hair fetish world `` Mitsuami-chan '' The previous work `` Hair fetish harem '', along with Yuria-chan, numerous hair fetish play with its proud black super long hair, all hair Captive fetish gentleman. From the beginning to the end, the long-awaited Mitsumi-chan's new work is just a stew that fetish hair fetish. In addition, from A-Lu masturbation to A-Ru masturbation proclaiming "A-L SEX!", A-R-play, which can be said to be a synonym for Mitsu-Ami, is also included. With Octo's strong hope, I had the proud super long hair over 120cm treated with the finest treatment before shooting, and immediately after the shooting, I challenged the shooting. Before the shoot, the long, beautiful silky black hair gave off a sweet, mellow fragrance, and I couldn't hide my desire to apply haircuts quickly. With long hair with glossy hair that has turned into a hair with the treatment, it is filled with nipples, hairjobs, hair blow job, and it is full of eagerness to be able to ejaculate soon ... Oh, hair fetish is hard w From there , Mitsuami's A ● Luonany begins. Mitsumi Ami who gently loosens her in the back style. In front of the mirror, insert with a standing back while reflecting the rich and beautiful super long hair with hip over. While smelling the scent of the hair with the scent of the treatment, you can enjoy a soft and soft feel that is unlike any other SEX. After brushing her hair, she moved to the bathroom at the end of woman on top posture after sex. It is the best hospitality for our salon customers to release and apply a special treatment to black hair that has been treated at a beauty salon ♪ After wetting with plenty of shower, then shampoo while doing SEX You. And finally, a lot of semen treatments, including the meaning of thanks, to Mitsuami who provided plenty of hair play service! To the super long hair like silk that Mitsuami cares more than anything else, I watched the greed juice permeate and it was a very satisfying day!


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