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In company uniform before leaving the company
In company uniform before leaving the company


sell year 2020/ 04/ 22
maker OfficeLadySpecial
data #NAME?min
Genre FetishWorld
> Wet and Messy
> Wearing Clothes

In company uniform before leaving the company

price 5,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

I succeeded in changing jobs and decided my next job, so as a reward for myself, I will go out again to the pool where I was swimming with my recruit suit. I was a swimming club when I was a student, so I am looking forward to swimming in the pool.

Before this, I was in job hunting, so I used to be a recruit suit, but today I am wearing the uniform of my company. The light blue upper and lower uniforms have golden cute buttons, and they have been my favorite uniform since I joined the company. However, today I decided to play in the pool in company uniform as a commemoration before leaving the company. I went to the pool after work and it was already dark.

After changing from plain clothes to company uniforms in the changing room, head to the poolside. When you enter the pool with your uniform, you start to feel guilty about getting wet. But when the hem of the skirt begins to get wet, the switch turns on. If you immerse yourself in the pool while wearing uniforms, you will be able to enjoy swimming in clothes and swimming with a vinyl ball at the night pool.

* This work is a fusion of the wet scene and its underwater edition.


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