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Xiaoxi VS M
Xiaoxi VS M


sell year 2020/ 07/ 02
maker The Legendary Boxing Club
data 14分min
Genre Battle
> Martial Arts

Xiaoxi VS M

price 3,600 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Xiaoxi is a boxing enthusiast,
Her movements look more professional than the average girl
She wears a mouthpiece and is ready for a match with M. The beginning was a fierce fight,
Physical strength gradually decreases and Xiaoxi finally exhausts!
She is continuously attacked and spits out the mouthpiece!
M not only punches her
It kicks and knees and keeps attacking mercilessly...



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Xiaoxi VS M Xiaoxi VS M Xiaoxi VS M Xiaoxi VS M Xiaoxi VS M Xiaoxi VS M
Xiaoxi VS M