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Bing VS M
Bing VS M


sell year 2020/ 07/ 16
maker The Legendary Boxing Club
data 22分min
Genre Battle
> Martial Arts

Bing VS M

price 5,200 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

This match was a match-fixing game designed by Bing...
Bing is a better boxer than M.
Until now she has defeated M many times.
This time, Bing deliberately lost himself to win more prize money,
Bet on M's victory and planned to win a fortune. And she deliberately told M her weaknesses during the match,
I asked him to cooperate with this plan.
At first it was M who cooperated, but
Never missed this great opportunity to blame Bing ever!
He repeatedly hit Bing's weaknesses,
And keep hitting the weaknesses so she won't lose easily! !!
In addition, demand that you also give yourself the big money Bing gets!
Bing doesn't want to accept his request,
There is no power to fight back anymore, and the request is humiliated.
However, M is still unsatisfied and continues to attack Bing...



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