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Pretty Soldier Sailor Venus -Golden Stars Fall Twice-
Pretty Soldier Sailor Venus -Golden Stars Fall Twice-


sell year 2020/ 08/ 14
maker GIGA
data 115+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Pretty Soldier Sailor Venus -Golden Stars Fall Twice-

price 9,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Sailor Venus and Karen Kanazaki were fighting against the youkai demon as a member of Sailor Knights, but they were captured as a sacrifice for the resurrection of the devil. Still, Karen manages to escape from the hideout and rebuilds his posture, and once again rescues his companion, he enters the enemy base to prevent the resurrection of the Demon King. She breaks through the defenses of the youkai demons and rescues her captive fellow Melius, but she is brainwashed by the enemy and blocks her from turning into Dark Merius. Meanwhile, the time of the resurrection of the Demon King is approaching momentarily, and its heartbeat and vibrations echo in the hideout, and some of the walls and pillars collapse, and huge pillars fall on Venus's legs and become the underlay. Further strong enemy appears there, and begins to control Venus's consciousness with witchcraft. Although Venus desperately resists under deep consciousness, love juice and a large amount of tide overflowing against my feelings desperately put her into the bottom of shame...! [BAD END]


Yuu Kiriyama Mio Ichijyou

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