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Miracle Momo Episode.0
Miracle Momo Episode.0


sell year 2020/ 09/ 11
maker GIGA
data 60+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Miracle Momo Episode.0

price 9,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Miracle Momo, a warrior of love who came from Gigatot star to protect the peace of the earth, was fighting against the peace-disrupting monster group Walindah every day. Evil Emperor Dezoo XV, who bundles the monster group Walindah, was aiming for the invasion of the Earth to fulfill the unfulfilled world conquest of his father, DeZu XIV. The activity of Miracle Momo has become so popular that the media has gathered a lot of attention and featured in the media. Partly as a heroine of justice, even enthusiastic fans were born, and stalkers and paparazzi are always caught up. "It's only a matter of time before my identity is revealed..." and Moe is worried. [HAPPY END]


Mitsuki Nagisa,Saku Kurosaki

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